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Glas, Videoprojektion 2'45''

"I hope this exhibition can make you saunter back home happy and relaxed.

Maybe you will go for another drink or see a concert and then you might think about this and remember the situation a few sentences created.

I did not exactly know why I choose this work instead of another one. But I thought this would please you the most because it is interactive in a sublime way. Because you will observe (intentional or unintentional) the people reading exactly this text, which has no subtext, like a physical object or a movie does or art in general.

There is no possibility of interpretation of this text-work. It is a neutral block of undescribed material.

Static Thinker

We are sitting in our skulls. The mass of the bones avoids the brain which already formed a bowl toward orbital cavity.

And the bowl is heavy. Too heavy for our necks to carry such a heavy stock.
You engage in analysis like a touch of a button. Where your considerations end is determined. A thinking body flows into smoothed paths like a flooded river.
I am sitting upon a structure, a form, a process and each of us on a purse full of fear.

I am sitting on a situation and that's the base from where I think out. Yes I think out.
You are participating in a lifelong casting.
Life is a casting-show and we all are inevitably invited.
You are the casted and I am the jury."